LNS Libraries

LNS support is available in many popular languages. If you know of a library that is not listed here, please send us a PR.


Which Javascript library should I use?

If you are already using web3.js or ethers.js, and do not require functionality such as creating subdomains, transferring ownership, or updating resolvers, use built in LNS features of these libraries.

If you are using React and only need to do forward and reverse resolution of LNS names with built in UI, use react-ens-address.

If you want to have LNS instance deployed into your dev environment, you may want to use embark.io or waffle.io which allows you to configure/deploy LNS registry in your smartBCH test instance.

Otherwise, use ensjs.

Accessing smart contracts directly

All the LNS smart contracts are published as @bchdomains/lns-contracts npm module.

This is how you include abi into your frontend code.

import {
} from '@bchdomains/lns-contracts'`

This is how you import our smartcontract within Solidity.

import '@bchdomains/lns-contracts/contracts/registry/ENS.sol';







Next Steps

Once you've chosen a library, read Working with LNS to learn how to use your chosen LNS library in your application.

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