1 million created, hard cap

LNS can be converted to xLNS to receive rewards - LNS is bought back at market price with 100% of the BCH accumulated from sales using a smart contract and provided to xLNS holders through the staking system. This means, for each domain sale, there is a corresponding purchase of LNS (the purchases are aggregated).

33% of circulating supply at launch will be used to provide liquidity.

Tokens circulating at launch: 15% of total or 150,000

  • 50,000 LNS / 5% — airdrop to xMIST holders

  • 50,000 LNS / 5% — sold in private sale at $2 million valuation

  • 25,000 LNS / 2.5% — provided for liquidity

  • 25,000 LNS / 2.5% — sold in private sale for liquidity

Tokens locked in staking: 35% of total or 350,000

These tokens will never be publicly available on the market. They are held in a smart contract which can only sell staking earnings in exchange for MIST for xMIST holders. At launch, this means at minimum 70% of all available tokens are staked and earning revenue for xMIST holders. After one year, this amount will fall to a minimum of 35%.

  • 350,000 LNS / 35% — staked for MISTbar

1 year vested team tokens: 50% of total or 500,000

These tokens are vested over a 1 year period. Approximately 1370 tokens are made available in total to the recipients daily.

  • 250,000 LNS / 25% — held in a sablier contract for mainnet_pat

  • 250,000 LNS / 25% — held in a sablier contract for MistSwap

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