LNS Deployments

Most of the time you can use a LNS library to do what you need. If for whatever reason, you need to interact with LNS directly, details for the currently supported deployments are detailed here.

The LNS registry is deployed at 0xCfb86556760d03942EBf1ba88a9870e67D77b627 on mainnet, and 0x32f1FBE59D771bdB7FB247FE97A635f50659202b on amber testnet.

On mainnet, the following registrars are deployed:

  • .bch, using the .bch Permanent registrar.

To find out the contract address of each tld, check the "controller" address of the tld (eg: https://app.bch.domains/name/bch for .bch

In addition, the test networks also have a deployment of the .bch registrar for testing purposes.

For other contract addresses such as root, multisig, controller, public resolver, and so on, you can see their address under https://app.bch.domains/name/lns.bch/subdomains

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